A Few Words About Me

Despite holding a BComm in Marketing and an MBA in Finance, my true passion is telling stories. In fact, I began unconsciously weaving anecdotes into finance presentations to eagerly attentive corporate and institutional clients. My wanderlust has taken me to dozens of countries on six of the seven continents, and my appetite to consume history has led me down many paths of adventure.

Following a multi decade career in finance as a capital markets practitioner I turned to writing historical fiction after years of researching my maternal grandfather’s service in the Great War. Along the way, thousands of hours of old-fashioned reading, museum and archive investigations and traipsing around French battlegrounds and cemeteries not only gave me key insights into history but provided a deep and emotional appreciation for sacrifice and courage.

My four adult children, who are always “somewhere out there” bring me constant joy. I live with my wife Faye and white mini Schnauzer, Sophie Bella, in Vancouver, Canada.


Why was Seeking Courage written?

Since a boy, war has intrigued me; not the gore and devastation, rather the curiosity about why mankind repeatedly engages in it, and why soldiers, especially volunteers, are so willing to fight on behalf of their countries. I turned to my maternal grandfather’s war experience for lessons about fear and courage, for an understanding of why or how one man came to the decision to lay his life on the line and enlist in 1915. Sadly, I did not ask him enough direct questions before he died in 1976. Gladly, there exists plentiful reference material covering the war in general, his regiment and squadron, and specific to his own experience: one person among millions of young men engaged in the ‘war to end all wars’ that lasted from 1914 to 1918.

I had so much data that my first draft read like a documentary, albeit with inevitable gaps in time and content. As I re-wrote and re-wrote I realized the history was best told as a historical fiction novel. It remains loyal to the true account.

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