Seeking Courage
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Indigo River Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1948080877
ISBN: 9781948080873

Gregory Smith releases his debut novel, Seeking Courage. A young Canadian man’s life changes forever as fear turns to love and courage during the Great War. Seeking Courage is a fictional account of the true-to-life experience of 23-year-old Canadian Lieutenant Bob Pitman who exchanged law school in Saskatchewan for arms in honor-bound support of World War One. Shipping off to 1915 war-ravaged Europe he learned to conquer such overwhelming fears as shell shock, disease and the risk of dizzying aerial warfare, directed by an inner reliance on ingrained core values woven with love for a beautiful and resolute young English woman.



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About the Book

LIEUTENANT ROBERT COURTENAY PITMAN IS HONOR BOUND TO GIVE UP HIS CANADIAN LAW STUDIES TO FIGHT FOR THE GREAT WAR CAUSE. By 1916, he leads an infantry platoon in western France, where he is stuck down in a pitiless bombardment. Post-shell-shock life brings about changes: battling self-doubt, risking life in open aircraft, and finding love.

As Pitman recovers from injuries sustained at the Somme, he meets the beautiful suffragette and munitionette Miss Cissy Ann Taylor. As Cissy applies her gifted skills on an English factory floor and Bob follows orders from 100 Squadron to undertake increasingly dangerous sorties night bombing over France, their love flourishes.

This true-to-life accounting of a young man thrust into war describes the horror of mechanized slaughter – the first of its kind, never witnessed in any prior war – and the power of love that drives his courage. This story is a remembrance of all servicemen who fought for the lasting democracy we still enjoy today.

“Seeking Courage by Gregory Smith brings to life the plight of a soldier during the Great War, one who moves from the trenches to take flight over them. As an Aviator myself I can relate to the desire to slip the surly bonds of earth and take to the air over the grit and horrors faced by infantrymen on the ground. This story is more than a tale of one Aviator, it is the story of humanity and the choices we make. Seeking Courage is a dynamic historical novel which describes in great detail the life of a young Canadian driven to defend democracy. Fighting on foreign soil he is inspired by love and compassion. This brings him to the realization that he has the chance to pursue life to the fullest and the freedom to make his own choices. At times, this novel is a painfully honest factorial portrayal of what life was like when the world was at war a hundred years ago. The first mechanized war was promoted to be over swiftly as a result of new killing technology and machines, but war dragged on; lives were interrupted, families destroyed, and empires ended. Gregory Smith ably demonstrates the changes in one mans values and his growth through personal experience. I am impressed with the way the subject matter has been handled, it is not overly technical nor ghoulishly morose; it is not bound up with politics or military minutia, rather it balances both the historical and technical details with a humane and honest portrayal of life at this time in history. This biographical work is highly thorough yet refreshingly easy to read with the just the right mix of drama and detail.”
– Gene Demarco—Aviation Consultant & FE2b Pilot
“This is a wonderful novel. It is exciting, engaging, gut-wrenching, enjoyable, and sorrowful to read. I looked forward to continuing the story each time I picked it up again. The best thing about it is that it brings to life what people were experiencing in the First World War. Like Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage, this novel gives us truths about being in war that you’ll never get from any history text. I could tell that the author had insights -- from actually being in the cockpit of an FE2b -- that I’ve never picked up in 25 years of studying WWI bombing campaigns.”
– Steve Suddaby—Past President, World War One Historical Association
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